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No place like home

With over 20 years of experience, our family owned business delivers only the highest quality standards of work within the auckland housewash Industry.

Based in Dairy Flat and covering the AUCKLAND WIDE area we offer professional property maintenance services second to none within the Auckland region from Manukau. Whitford through to  Warkworth/Snells Beach  Auckland and further afield.

We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table ensuring you receive the appropriate solution for your cleaning requirements. We walk you through the cleaning process to ensure you are fully informed and provide you with a COST EFFICIENT solution always! We pride ourselves on our workmanship and this is reflected in the high quality of work and advice you receive – we are here to help!

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Whether you live in a cosy villa or a sprawling modern home, all houses have one thing in common: they must be taken care of so they can take care of you! 

OnShore Property Wash Ltd offer a full range of exterior washing services from house washing, gutter cleaning, all groundwork (concrete paths, driveways, patios, decks) and the cleaning of roofs.

We only have highly experienced, trained technicians catering for your requirements of house washing in auckland.


House Washing-Learn More

Using a soft washing process (low pressure wash) incorporating a high quality detergent (environmentally friendly), we remove all dirt, grime, moss and road film without risk to the exterior of your house.

Our experience in house washing also caters for all Villas, CEDAR and architecturally designed houses.


Roof Cleaning Services-Learn More

We provide a range of roof cleaning services catering for the issues on hand and also provide you with preventative solutions moving forward. We are one of a few companies that know how to wash a roof which ensures the correct approach is taken. We also provide Roof Treatments, a spray-on foaming solution for the Treatment of living organisms – such as LICHEN and MOSS.


Gutter Services-Learn More

Using a thorough 3-stage process for house washes in auckland and norht shore, we ensure the free flow of your spouting system by removing all debris - a full flush of the guttering system, unblocking of all downpipes, and a Treatment to kill any living organisms present. CLEANING OF YOUR GUTTERING SYSTEM IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT SERVICES THAT SHOULD NEVER GO UNDER-RATED.


Driveway, Deck & Path Cleaning-Learn More

We ensure the safety of all foot traffic around your property through the removal (washing) of all dirt and grime which eliminates slippery surfaces and also ensures the integrity of these surfaces are kept in-tact. Deposits of fungus, dust, algae, moss and dirt reduces friction and after a period of time builds up to creates slippery surfaces (safety issues).


About Us

Our family-run business brings decades of experience to the table in exterior house washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and all ground work. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of work within this industry alongside cost efficient pricing.

Based in Dairy Flat, we offer our professional exterior house wash in auckland and north shore as part of the property washing services to the Auckland Wide region, even during Water Shortages.

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Why are we your go-to House Wash experts?

Keeping the exterior of your house clean not only enhances the visual appeal and increases the value of your property, it also protects your home against damage from the environment.  We are passionate about doing the very best for our customers, our city and our environment.

We are fully committed to providing you with exceptional auckland housewash service. The high quality of our workmanship speaks volumes!

We are also able to provide you with water during a Water Shortage to ensure the cleaning of your property requirements are always met.  All of our vehicles have been purpose built with this in mind, noting we source our water from the Auckland Council at their non-potable water supply stations.


Protect Your Property

Increase the value of your house/property and the longevity of the materials by keeping them clean, free from dirt and road film which eliminates the replacement of costly materials (cladding, decking etc) and repainting sooner rather than later. Cladding, concreted areas, roofing and decking are very expensive materials to replace – cleaning of these surfaces will not only remove all mould for the health benefits to your family but also remove dirt and grime from foot traffic areas that become slippery and create safety issues. Our Gutter Cleaning service also meets with the Healthy Homes Standards for ensuring dry conditions on and below your house (ground level).


Enhance Visual Appeal

Whether you are selling, renting out your property or simply want to enjoy your home, our soft washing services refreshes your property and initiates a clean new look approach.

You will be surprised at how clean your house looks after an auckland exterior housewash – many of our clients whom initiated the house washing process in order to paint afterwards, stated the results were exceptional and painting was no longer required.


Keep Your Family Safe

Protect the health and wellbeing of your family by reducing the amount of mould, moss, lichen and slippery surfaces around your home.

The build up of dirt on decking and paths is always an area of concern – once these areas are saturated with dirt etc they then become hazardous to all foot traffic.

The cleaning of mould is also an important aspect for your health and through our washing processes all mould is removed and killed instantly.

Our latest projects

We love to see the smiles on our client’s faces when they see the rejuvenated exteriors of their properties. Here are some of the recent auckland house washing projects we are most proud of.

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Our Auckland wide business is available to cater for your every requirement, whether you need exterior house washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, decks washing, spider treatments, water blasting or driveway cleaning. All of our workmanship is fully guaranteed. You will always be treated as a top priority!

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