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While most of us take care of the weeds and the lawn mowing around the house, we forget about one of the most crucial aspects of property care – washing of the house itself!

OnShore Property Wash Ltd – house washing north shore and auckland provide you with the experience and expertise to cater for all requirements when washing your house within the Auckland wide region.

High pressure washing should never be used on any surface of your house as this will create damage to the cladding and the potential of water ingress.
In order to optimize a soft washing process a high quality detergent is always required – it is like trying to wash dishes without a detergent! Therefore, the results are poor, but also the exterior realistically is not clean, our house wash north shore and auckland wide service will take care of this problem – our detergents have a moss and mould inhibitor which not only kills any mould spores present, but also provides you with a clean and hygenic surface and ongoing protection moving forward.

We wash all CEDAR – vertical, horizontal, board and batten, stained, painted and oiled cedar – this is a specialized area as cedar is a soft wood by nature and the wrong approach can create instant damage.

Our soft house washing on the north shore and wider auckland region uses a process that provides high quality standards and removes all moss, mould, dirt, grime and road film present – the results are outstanding!

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What is Soft Washing?

Instead of using pure force (high pressure) to wash dirt, road film, grime and mould from your cladding, our soft washing process utilizes low-pressure washing incorporating high quality environmentally friendly detergents – this should be the only approach to washing the exterior of your house.

Not only does it effectively clean off dirt and grime without damaging the cladding etc, but it also kills bacteria and mould.

The Benefits of a Soft Wash:

Why Choose Onshore for Your House Wash on the North Shore and wider Auckland?


Auckland Wide

If you require house washing. anywhere in Auckland, and the wider North or South Auckland areas then we are your house washing experts with peace of mind rest assured!



We care about the environment, which is why we use environmentally friendly products that can be used on and around any areas of your property without concern.


Water Saving

We are also set up to bring our own non-potable water in times of water shortages/ droughts – water is sourced and provided by the Auckland Council during these times.


Local Experience

We are an Auckland based business with over 20 years experience in the Industry, our exterior house washing north shore and auckland, is the best, most efficient service available.
Here for all your house and property washing or treatment needs.

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Our Auckland wide business is available to cater for your every requirement, whether you need exterior house washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, decks washing, spider treatments, water blasting or driveway cleaning. All of our workmanship is fully guaranteed. You will always be treated as a top priority!

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