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Do you have unsightly dirt, grime, moss and lichen growing on your roof? Not only does this decrease the value of your property, but moss and Lichen can create irreversible damage and decrease the lifespan of your roof.

OnShore Property Wash Ltd – Expert roof cleaning in auckland & north shore, bring the know how and correct approach to the washing of all roof types – not everybody knows how to correctly wash a roof – the wrong approach and poor workmanship can create flooding in the roof cavity.

We offer the correct approach alongside the correct detergents required and fall and arrest harness equipment support the roof cleaners auckland and north shore expert service.

Auckland Roof Wash Company
Specialist Roof Treatements to remove lichen, moss and mould from your roof

Why You Should Invest in a Roof Treatment for Your House or Property

Lichen is highly acidic and rusts any metal surface, rots wooden surfaces, creates erosion of concreted and asphalted areas. Moss expands with water, lifts roof tiles and misplaces mortar, also noting it has the same affect on brick work.  Both MOSS and LICHEN are living organisms and require a Roof Treatment to kill them.  Both are detrimental to a variety of roofing types, including iron, tile,  butynol and Super 6 (asbestos).

If you do not treat these organic growths, they will create damage to your roof and destroy the integrity of the material. Without treatment and cleaning from Auckland Roof Cleaning services , you may need to replace your roof years earlier than you expected.

In addition, a clean roof free of Moss and Lichen gives your property more appeal and adds value and protection overall.

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There’s no time like the present to take action to protect your roof by hiring the best roof cleaners in auckland and on the north shore. The sooner you sort the problem, the better for your house and purse. It takes years for these organisms to grow, but with one or two applications the issue can be resolved

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Our Auckland wide business is available to cater for your every requirement, whether you need exterior house washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, decks washing, spider treatments, water blasting or driveway cleaning. All of our workmanship is fully guaranteed. You will always be treated as a top priority!

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