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Onshore Property Wash is a professional Auckland water blasting company, servicing the wider Auckland area. We will give you the best possible results, guaranteed!

By engaging us for your water blasting job, you can be sure that you will get the highest level of customer service and an unmatched standard of professionalism. If you are looking for an expert water blasting company in Auckland, that provides high-quality services to residential and commercial customers, look no further. We only use the finest equipment available and have a highly experienced team of technicians. We offer a wide range of property cleaning solutions, suitable for every type of job.

We welcome residential as well as commercial water blasting work, anywhere in Auckland! No job is too big or too small

The most popular service we provide is our commercial water blasting cleaning service, which includes the washing of building facades, windows, side walks, elevator shafts, garage floors, driveways, storage areas and more.

Our professional water blasting company in Auckland is New Zealand’s leading provider of high-pressure water blasting services. The company also specialises in residential buildings, garages, driveways, decks and much more. The team of expert operators has decades of experience in providing these services to customers across Auckland. They are equipped with the latest technology and they are highly skilled professionals who can handle any job you give them.

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Water Blasters Auckland
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The Benefits of our Professional Water Blasting Services

Why Water Blasting is the best way to clean surfaces!

Water blasting is a very effective way to clean and remove paint, corrosion, graffiti and other contaminants from any surface. This process uses high-pressure streams of water that are mixed with a cleaning agent. Water blasting (also known as hydro blasting) is one of the most popular methods for removing stubborn substances from surfaces. 

There are three main types of water blasting techniques:

1) Surface cleaning – this is not as aggressive as the other two methods since it only removes contaminants from the surface

2) Degreasing – this is usually performed on metal surfaces for areas that need to be degreased

3) Removal – this is for heavy-duty jobs

Professional Water blasting is a technique in which water is pressured through a nozzle to clean surfaces. It is a process of high-pressure water flowing at a velocity of 800 to 1000 meters per second. Crucial is the act of using high-pressure water to remove surface contaminants without damaging the underlying material. It is most commonly used for cleaning concrete, but may also be used on metal, asphalt, brick, wood and masonry surfaces.

The benefits of using a water blaster instead of a high-pressure washer are that it can clean a surface with less water, it is less damaging to surfaces, and despite the common misconception that using a water blaster reduces the lifespan of the surface, the opposite is true.

Using water blasting is a fast and effective way of removing contaminants from surfaces. It may also be used to remove marine growth, paint, rust and other dirt from surfaces that can’t be easily accessed with standard cleaning methods.

It is a relatively new and innovative way to clean and protect surfaces. One of the biggest advantages is that it can be used in any environment or in any weather conditions.

It is often used to remove graffiti from concrete surfaces. A water blaster with a pressure of 2000psi can remove all kinds of substances, including paint, ink, dirt, oil and tree sap.

It is a form of heavy-duty cleaning. It does not necessarily require chemicals or detergents to remove dirt, stains, and other forms of contamination. Water blasting itself is water-based, it has the ability to quickly increase from 100 psi to 2000 psi. This is done by combining the pressure with a high volume of water in order to break up grease and grime on flat surfaces or remove adhesive residue on vertical surfaces.

The best way to maintain a clean exterior is with a high-pressure water blaster. These machines are built for commercial use, and they can remove any stubborn dirt from the surface of your building or property fast. 

An expensive piece of equipment is not all that is needed for an optimal clean, you also have to add a skilled, experienced operator to the mix. Our equipment is state of the art and our technicians are highly qualified and experienced.

A water blaster typically consists of a supply tank for holding water or other liquid, a high-pressure pump to supply the liquid under pressure, an air compressor to pressurise the liquid in the supply tank before it exits as high-pressure liquid through a nozzle with interchangeable tips. The nozzle is usually mounted on an extending arm that can be positioned over or near the surface that requires cleaning.

The best part about using water blasting is that it leaves no residual marks on the surface and doesn’t change its appearance in any way. It helps to improve the lifespan of the concrete without affecting its look. It also removes substances like oil, grease, and mud from surfaces which can lead to other problems like corrosion or rusting.

We clean the surfaces of homes, businesses, factories, and more. The water blaster can use water to cut through tough stains and make any surface look new again.


Water blasting can is used in many industries including construction, mining, automotive, pharmaceuticals, government buildings and more.




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Cobble Brick Driveway waster blasting

The Best Choice for Water Blasting in Auckland and North Shore, Onshore Property Wash! 

There are a lot of water blasting services in Auckland, but it is important to find the best one for the job at hand. 

The best water blasting company has the following qualities:


– They offer affordable prices for all types of jobs.

– They use the best equipment available.

– They have a team of skilled and experienced experts who are committed to excellent customer service.

– Their work is 100% guaranteed.


Onshore Property Wash gets a big enthusiastic “Yes” to all of the above!

We will look after your property as if it was our own, you can expect perfect results, every time. Get the best Auckland water blasting service for your property cleaning job today 

Enjoy a clean and hygienic environment with our industry-leading and cost-effective services


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Our Auckland wide business is available to cater for your every requirement, whether you need exterior house washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, decks washing, spider treatments, water blasting or driveway cleaning. All of our workmanship is fully guaranteed. You will always be treated as a top priority!

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