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We take care of your home so it can take care of you.

Whether you live in a humble, cosy villa or a sprawling modern townhouse, all houses have one thing in common: they must be taken care of so they can take care of you! Your house protects you from the rain, sun, wind, and general dirt of the great outdoors. This means it requires some TLC from time to time given the environmental factors at play!

OnShore Property Wash Ltd take care of all of your house and property requirements to ensure peace of mind and increase the value of your property! Our core value is INTEGRITY and we take great pride in this! We are one of Auckland’s top house washing companies, with experience, equipment, and the know-how to bring added value to your home through our washing processes. Of course, it’s not just houses that require a bit of TLC.

Your commercial property deserves this attention too!  As the physical face of your business is an important aspect of all business, it is important to ensure your commercial property looks smart and well kept and of course for re-sale value. We reflect the same magic on your commercial property as we do your house.

We treat all of our customers properties like they were our own – respect is highly valued.

WHY CHOOSE US – we bring a wealth of experience, expertise, integrity and respect to the table and of course, WE LOVE WHAT WE DO WITH A PASSION

How OnShore Property Ltd Wash Work

First and foremost, our commitment is to provide you with ONLY top quality workmanship specific to your property’s individual needs. Beyond this, we value integrity. Our experienced team will always do what is best for our customer everytime!


We Soft Wash everything

High-pressure washing will damage any surface of your house and property. We use a low pressure wash to thoroughly clean the exterior of your house or business without causing degeneration and ensuring all surfaces are left clean and protected from the environment alongside our high quality detergents.


We bring our own water

All of our vehicles are purpose built to supply water for your site in the event of a Water Shortage. The water supplied is from the Auckland Council non-potable sites throughout Auckland, which enables us to continue providing you with our services even during times of water restrictions.


We value Health and Safety

Whether we are undertaking the cleaning of your roof, guttering system or the exterior of your house, we always ensure our staff and clients are provided with peace of mind with up-to-date education and safety equipment on-site.


We are bio-friendly

All of our detergents are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They are all user friendly and completely safe to use on and around your house. We also provide Public Liability Insurance cover of $2.5 million to ensure complete peace of mind and a 100 % guarantee on all of our workmanship.

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Our Auckland wide business is available to cater for your every requirement, whether you need exterior house washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, decks washing, spider treatments, water blasting or driveway cleaning. All of our workmanship is fully guaranteed. You will always be treated as a top priority!

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